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Recent Poems

I'm All About You

I’m All About You

I’m all about you and shouldn’t be. But this is how you’ve affected me. With just a glance -you know my mind. A better love -No Where- you’ll...
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Two Face

Two Face

Thought I knew you, but I see that’s not true. Thought I saw your true face, but no- you have two. The one you show me and the one you show...
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My Babys Hott

My Baby’s Hott. This I must admit. She gives me the business, that just won’t quit. Her shape is Bad with curves like a coaster....
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I Could Never Be Away

Today, I saw you and even for those few minutes, ~it did my heart good. It’s as if my heart were starving and it saw you as food. I can’t control...
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