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I Could Never Be Away

Today, I saw you and even for those few minutes, ~it did my heart good.
It’s as if my heart were starving and it saw you as food.

I can’t control my feelings, they run so rampant.
Only around you ~you’re like a bad habit.

I could never be away. I always need to be near.
And, being too far away from you is something that I fear.

I’m only happy next to you when we’re close together.
Because, you mend my broken heart and make my whole world better.

About the Author
I love to write and especially Poetry. I’ve always found that it comes very naturally to me (probably, because I enjoy it so much). I consider myself a humble person. And, I always try to write my Poetry from the subject’ point of view. But, when I research a topic to write about, it becomes all I can eat, sleep and breathe. It literally consumes me.

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