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Happy Heart

happy hearttt

What was my world before you?
Lonely, cold and very blue.
I couldn’t find a smile to save my life.
Dealing with hurt, anger and strife.
Taken advantage of at every turn.
And thinking back makes my stomach churn.
But then, we met. And everything changed.
That’s when my whole world was rearranged.
You made everything bad into something good.
And, I had no idea that you would.
Take an interest in me that I didn’t see.
By offering ~Peace, Love, Tranquility.
Now, things are better and I’m O.K.
And, I thank God for you everyday.
A match made in Heaven…What a great start!
Especially to begin with my new Happy Heart.

About the Author
I love to write and especially Poetry. I’ve always found that it comes very naturally to me (probably, because I enjoy it so much). I consider myself a humble person. And, I always try to write my Poetry from the subject’ point of view. But, when I research a topic to write about, it becomes all I can eat, sleep and breathe. It literally consumes me.

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