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Writing Services

I am pleased to offer Freelance Writing Services for you and all your Writing needs. Feel free to contact me regarding any writing job you may have, that you need help starting, editing, proofreading or completing. No Charge to take a look at what you have. Free evaluations and estimate of services.

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Poems To Order

“One Great Poem ~Can change someone’s world”-Passions Poem Gallery, Founder.

In the Interest of expanding the Poetry Market into a greater mainstream, please find these Special People writing extremely creative and forever memorable personalized poems to your order. If you have a Special Occasion or just want a personalized poem. I am happy to introduce such an ecclectic array of Poets, Authors, Friends.

Poems2Order -Rebecca Strecker
Poems To Music -Rick Matthews

Poetry for Business

At first glance, You might ask -What does Poetry have to do with Business? But surprisingly, Poetry has a long history in Business Advertising. In 1955, Ford Motor Co. contracted the help of American Poet -Marianne Moore for help in naming what later became to be known as the ‘Edsel’, (although- beautiful poetry couldn’t tame that hideous beast).

And, for many years Burma-Shave used strategically placed signs alongside America’s roadways to post their shave cream ads.

As well, we are finding an increasing amount of CEO’s and Hollywood Celebrities that are closet Poets. Poetry in Business is very much alive and growing.

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