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Passions Poem Gallery is a Mixed-Media Art Gallery

Introducing Passions Poem Gallery

New Mixed Media Gallery Opening
A New and Unique aspect in Art Galleries. Passions Poem Gallery is a Mixed Media Art Gallery. Come and walk Passions Poem Gallery to find: Beautiful and thought provoking Literary Art integrated with stunning Visual Art. From Love and Erotic Poetry to other Social topics. Don't Miss Out !!!
  1. Beautiful Erotic and Love Poetry
  2. Stunning Sketch Art and Digital Images
  3. Enjoy a fine Literary read with a Fine Art flare

Feel free to write for further information and updates on Gallery Viewing Nights in Downtown- Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Ceasar Rodriguez's Bio

My name is Ceasar Rodriguez. I Love to write and especially Poetry. I’ve always found that it comes very naturally to me (probably, because I enjoy it so much). I consider myself a humble person. And, I always try to write my Poetry from the subject’ point of view. I do my best to leave out personal opinion (except for my Pet Poem –Sheila); I am very biased toward loveable dogs. But, when I research a topic to write about, it becomes all I can eat, sleep and breathe. It literally consumes me.

I hope that you find something in my poems that you can relate to. Because that is what reading Poetry is really about -You- and how the words relate to you. When I started writing Poetry it was strictly as a hobby, but then I received an email from a Reader, regarding my Poem- Love On Hold. He told me, that the relationship between himself and his Mother was always strained; since the passing of her Husband. But not until reading my poem , could he understand why –she could never move on with her life. And that, as a result his relationship between them had only gotten better.

From that point in my life, Poetry became my passion. And it only seemed right; that a natural progression for me was to create Passions Poem Gallery. Because for me, to have an effect on people that could change their lives in a positive way, is truly a blessing. I invite your comments, feedback and any opinions of my Poetry that you might have. Feel free to browse through the Gallery, at your leisure. Or comeback from time to time to see my newly posted poems.

Readers Comments

Okay I must confess I read the title and was thinking The Beatles, “Ticket To Ride”, Boney James, “Ride”, or Aretha Franklin’s “Freeway of Love”. However you say in 4 lines what a song would have to repeat!


I’d love to make someone feel like that i luv your poems !!!


I am continually amazed by how you can say SO much in so few words. That was a beautiful and sexy read indeed :)